joi, 2 noiembrie 2017

Malta 2017

sâmbătă, 23 septembrie 2017

Yashica Mat 124 - Fomapan Classic 100


Yashica Mat 124, a 6x6 medium format film TLR, made from 1970 till 1986, worth around 200 dollars in nice condition (sometimes much more, sometimes much less), can basically hold up or even destroy a modern day DSLR in terms of resolution (depending on the film used, obviously, and rather a proper high resolution scanner is used). And of course, it's much more fun to use.


Yashica Mat 124, un aparat foto TLR pe film lat, cu imagine 6x6, produs intre 1970 si 1986, ce poate costa undeva in jur de 200 dolari, in functie de stare, ar putea face fata sau chiar distruge un DSLR modern in termeni de rezolutie (in functie de filmul folosit, desigur, si daca e scanat la rezolutii mari cu un scanner dedicat performant). Si desigur, e mult mai distractiv de folosit.

Yashica Mat 124 Fomapan Classic 100 film
devleopat in Fomadon LQR timp de 5 minutes la 20 grade C,  
scanat cu DSLR Sony A850
post-procesat in Capture One Pro

joi, 21 septembrie 2017

Ilford FP4 Plus




Minimalistic composition on Ilford FP4 Plus film, developed in Fomadon LQR for 5 minutes
january-februare 2017